Nintendo Wii Mini lands in the U.K. on March 22

There's currently no word on price, but the smaller, Internet-deprived device launched in Canada late last year for $99.99.

Nintendo's Wii Mini.
Nintendo's Wii Mini. Nintendo. Screenshot by Jonathan Skillings/CNET

Nintendo's Wii Mini is on its way to the U.K.

The company announced today that it'll start selling the smaller Wii on March 22. It did not divulge any price details. Nintendo unveiled the Wii Mini last year , and at the time said that the $100 device would be available only in Canada.

The Wii Mini, which is a smaller, redesigned version of Nintendo's original Wii, allows gamers to play over 1,200 Wii titles. However, the console does not support backward compatibility with GameCube games. The original Wii, on the other hand, supports GameCube titles. The Wii Mini also differentiates itself from the Wii by not offering Internet connectivity.

Nintendo is trying hard to boost its ailing hardware division. The Wii U console, launched several months ago, is proving less popular than expected. In January, in fact, Nintendo sold just 57,000 Wii U units in the U.S. It's believed that Nintendo is having a similarly troublesome time selling Wii U units elsewhere around the world. The Wii Mini might be Nintendo's way to boost hardware sales in face of the Wii U's troubles.

The Wii Mini that Nintendo will sell in the U.K. is red and black. The company will bundle a red Wii Remote Plus and red nunchuk controller in the box.

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