Next-gen Xbox to require Kinect and game installs?

New rumours have emerged for the next generation of Xbox consoles, which is still apparently code-named "Durango".

New rumours have emerged for the next generation of Xbox consoles, which is still apparently code-named "Durango".

(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's next gaming consoles will run multiple games, only work when a Kinect is plugged in and will require games to be installed, according to a source speaking to Kotaku.

The source, known as SuperDaE, said that he has had access to a Durango development kit, but that the information will be accurate for the retail version of the hardware as well.

Some of the key points from SuperDaE's leak to Kotaku include:

  • Kinect: Durango will ship with an updated version of the Kinect hardware and software, but most importantly, it will need to be connected for the console to be functional

  • Storage: Durango will ship with a 500GB HDD, but games will need to be installed to the drive to play — the games won't be able to access data from the optical disc, just the HDD. The install will be automatic from when you first insert the disc

  • Game switching: Durango will be powerful enough to run multiple games — you'll be able to suspend one, play another, then return to the original without losing your place

  • Controller and companion app: the next controller is said to be broadly similar to the old Xbox one, but Microsoft will be focusing on support for smartphone/tablet companion apps for Durango

  • Specs: The specs leaked a few weeks back seem to be supported by SuperDaE's leak, adding credence to their veracity. Eight CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, built in Wi-Fi and an 50GB optical drive.

It's important to remember that Microsoft hasn't even confirmed officially that there's a next generation console in the works, so all of this must be taken with a grain of salt. However, as rumours go, it's an oddly detailed one rather than the usual vague crop of future casting, and we'll be keeping a close eye to it as we lead up to Microsoft special announcement at E3 this year.

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