New and Noteworthy: Adobe to rollout "Creative Suite" including Photoshop 8; OpenOffice delayed; more

New and Noteworthy: Adobe to rollout "Creative Suite" including Photoshop 8; OpenOffice delayed; more

Adobe to rollout "Creative Suite" including Photoshop 8 According to Microsoft Watch, Adobe this fall will roll out a Creative Suite collection that integrates a slew of upgrades to its professional graphics applications. "Sources said the Creative Suite will ship in two versions, both comprising a number of major application upgrades. The Standard version will include Photoshop 8, Illustrator 11 and InDesign 3; the Premium edition will also feature Acrobat 6 Professional and GoLive 7. Both versions will ship with the initial release of an Adobe technology code-named Bauhaus that will provide cross-application integration and other services." More.

OpenOffice delayed, unless Mac developers help is delaying the projected release, originally expected in early 2004, until the first quarter of 2006, largely because of a lack of developers contributing to the effort, said Louis Suarez-Potts, community manager for the open-source project. "To move to Aqua requires substantially more resources for development," Suarez-Potts said, referring to the user interface built into Mac OS X. "We've had tremendous response and many developers say they want to help out. But there's a big difference between people saying they want to help and them actually helping." More.

Lawsuit threats curb online music piracy - study Music piracy over the Internet has declined since the record industry started threatening to sue individual users of popular but unauthorized file-sharing networks, a market research group said on Thursday. Reuters reports "NPD said it estimated the number of households acquiring music files reached a high of 14.5 million in April 2003, then fell to 12.7 million in May and to 10.4 million in June." More.

Griffing redesigns iPod auto charger Griffin Technolog has redesigned the PowerPod iPod Auto Charger. The new model has a grey and white finish, and also includes a new 48-inch FireWire cable ? also in white. It is not yet clear whether the new version of the auto charger will work with short-recession lighter adapters found in some car models. Users had problems with the previous iteration in some Volkswagens. More.

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