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An update to financial iPhone app adds extra security, editing options, an a view to your budget.

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It took a little while, but an update for for iPhone brings the financial monitoring app in line with iPhone's 3.0 features, including push notification for the notable financial events you designate online. Push notifications will appear automatically, in the same way you would get an alert via when you go over budget or when the bank charges a fee.

While a perk, other enhancements will prove more significant to frequent users, like editing transaction details instead of just viewing them. This includes assigning a spending category from the iPhone, tagging a transaction, and adding notes.

The update also opens up Mint's recently added online budgeting tools to read-only access from the iPhone. You'll be able to drill down a few layers to view activities in your budget categories, and individual transactions. The description view is where you're able to add those tags and notes.

The last major feature addresses security by instituting an optional four-digit passcode you'll need to enter each time you open or refresh on iPhone. Mint will also now log you off when you receive a call or text. If you're frequently interrupted, reentering the passcode grows old fast, but it's worth it to keep your budget, bank balances, and investments for your eyes only.

The editing features give Mint greater value, though your management options from the iPhone are still limited in this release. You can't add a budget or an account, for instance.

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