Microsoft Surface Pro 3 goes horizontal in first ad

The Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that can transition from bed to office without skipping a beat -- that seems to be one of Microsoft's new messages.

Surface Pro 3: from bed, to car, to real work at the office. That seems to be the message. Microsoft

The first Surface Pro 3 ad has debuted, presumably bound for a TV audience. One of the new messages: you can use the tablet in bed.

The ad begins, appropriately, with the actor flat on his back in bed. Then quickly goes through sequences of note taking in a cab (with a pen), then doing work standing up (with the display titled almost all the way back, new to the Surface Pro 3), then touch-only, and finally closing with a pitch for Microsoft Office: "the power and speed to do real work."

Microsoft is obviously making its ads more business-friendly (no table-top dancing this time) because business is now its target audience.

The Pro 3 packs a Core i5 processor that's just as powerful as any mainstream laptop, which business users with demanding productivity needs like.

Where does the bed come in? The Pro 3 is not only lighter than the Pro 2 but wider and longer. That allows for better weight distribution, potentially making it more suitable for use in bed and/or using passively.

Display models (demo units) of the Surface Pro 3 are slated to arrive at Microsoft stores on Friday. Sales will begin on June 20.

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