Microsoft gets touchy-feely with new Windows 8 accessories

Not content with just launching Surface on the same day as Windows 8, Microsoft is also giving its users hardware options.

Not content with just launching Surface on the same day as Windows 8 , Microsoft is also giving its users hardware options.

Covering both mice and keyboards, Redmond's hardware division has been busy at work trying to build things specifically for a tablet environment. Despite the Windows 8 focus, all are Bluetooth driven, and should work fine with iOS and Android devices.

The Wedge Touch Mouse (Credit: Microsoft)

The Wedge Touch Mouse looks like it might be mighty uncomfortable, but quite portable. It features Bluetrack, Microsoft's latest mousing tech that allows its rodents to work on nearly any surface. The Wedge will let you scroll in four directions using any surface of the mouse. It'll be released at US$69.95.

The Sculpt Touch Mouse (Credit: Microsoft)

Taking a more traditional form, the Sculpt Touch Mouse comes in at US$49.95, and only the strip in the middle is touch sensitive. Still, it retains Microsoft's Bluetrack technology and four-way scrolling.

The Sculpt Travel Keyboard (Credit: Microsoft)

The Sculpt Travel Keyboard is an evolution on Microsoft's earlier ergonomic "Comfort Curve" keyboards, and will be priced at US$49.95. Apart from the icon on the Windows keys, its function keys reveal it as a tablet-focused device.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard (Credit: Microsoft)

Designed to be held in tandem with the tablet when travelling, and with a case that turns into a tablet stand, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard certainly got the most attention at Microsoft's announcement.

The case/tablet stand (Credit: Microsoft)

For a hands-on look at the new devices, make sure to check out Rich Brown's gallery over at CNET.

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