Meet Polaroid's new digital instant Z2300 camera

Polaroid releases a new digital instant camera that spits out prints on demand.

Polaroid has finally announced Australian availability of the Z2300 digital instant camera.

(Credit: Joshua Goldman/CNET)

Announced overseas in June 2012, the Z2300 is a box of a camera and includes a built-in Zink printer that automatically spits out photos. The camera, itself, is a rather standard 10-megapixel affair, with a 3-inch LCD screen that pops open to house the special ink and paper compartment.

It produces 2x3-inch colour prints, and you can also insert a memory card into the unit to print from another source. It takes around a minute for prints to emerge from the camera.

The Z2300 will be available from September for AU$249.95. The Zink cartridges and paper will cost AU$24.99 for 30 sheets. This is a far cry from the recommended US retail price of US$159.99 and a 30 sheet pack for US$14.99. See more photos of the Z2300 in this gallery from CNET.

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