Me vs. telco lobbyist Scott Cleland

Me vs. telco lobbyist Scott Cleland

Now, normally I don't do this kind of thing in the Daily Buzz. But I recently wrote a column asserting that we need Net neutrality regulation and that the telco lobbying machine is lying to you about the reasons we don't. This prompted a response from Scott Cleland, the lobbyist whose arguments are rebutted in my column, asking for a debate on the points I made. I chose TalkBack for a public debate, in large part so that the conversation can unfold in real time, online, with CNET users having the maximum opportunity to participate. Scott was concerned that this forum may not be sufficiently public and might be an attempt to bury the debate. So in the interest of calling attention--and because I think this is, indeed, an important debate to be having--I respectfully direct your attention to our smackdown, already in progress. Weigh in at will.

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