LG's 77-inch TV is world's largest curved 4K OLED

Bigger is better, as LG shows with a big screen curved OLED that packs in a lot of pixels.

Over in Berlin, the IFA show was filled with innovations in home entertainment, with LG bringing out the big guns with its 77-inch Ultra HD curved OLED.

(Credit: Andrew Hoyle/CNET)

LG is claiming it as the world's largest Ultra HD OLED, and it joins a growing crop of TVs sporting 4K resolution on an OLED screen.

LG hasn't made any promises about when you can expect this to hit the stores, but we'd suggest that you don't hold your breath, and you do start saving if you want one of these in your lounge room.

Curved screens look like they're here to stay, with Sony even showing off a standard 1080p full HD TV with a curved LCD screen.

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