LED light-up carpet helps you find your way

Lighting company Philips has teamed up with carpeting company Desso to create light-up carpet to provide directions, information and decoration.

Lighting company Philips has teamed up with carpeting company Desso to create light-up carpet to provide directions, information and decoration.

(Credit: Philips/Desso)

Getting around some locations — airports, for example — can be a daunting prospect. There never appears to be enough signage; and, where there is signage, it can be hard to spot. We're not sure if airports per se are the impetus behind the latest project from Philips Lighting, but we wouldn't be surprised.

Teaming up with global carpeting supplier Desso, Philips has designed an LED system that displays light-up signage through carpet. Philips has worked on creating the lighting, while Desso has designed a type of carpeting through which light can shine.

Its potential applications, the companies claim, could transform the way people interact with their environment. Its uses include light-up directions, such as safety exits; enhancing the ambience of a space through light and colour; and decluttering spaces by removing existing signage and making information available only as needed. We can see it combining with a sensor system that can detect when a person is passing through a space — much like automatic doors.

(Credit: Philips/Desso)

"This light-transmissive carpet solution is designed to engage directly with people's senses and the eye's natural inclination to seek out light," Philips Lighting's Ed Huibers said. "The technology takes advantage of people's tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through and interacting with space. It brings information, direction, inspiration and safety via the carpet you walk on. This partnership of market leaders is focused on bringing meaningful innovations to the market."

In concept renders, the LED carpet is seen being used in an airport, a cinema and hotels (where it has been applied outside rooms, replacing the "Do Not Disturb" doorknob sign). It could also be used in hospitals, which can be large and labyrinthine; shopping malls; libraries; conventions; and other public spaces.

Desso CEO Alexander Collot d'Escury said, "We know people spend 90 per cent of their time indoors, and our vision linked to this is to create innovative flooring solutions that contribute to people's health and wellbeing. This new solution, developed with our partner Philips, meets this need and offers exciting ways to enhance the interaction between the interior space and its users."

The name of the product will be revealed during the full 2014 launch.

(Credit: Philips/Desso)
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