Kissinger: smooching robot for virtual make-out sessions

The Kissinger kissing-robot concept from Lovotics lets people virtually smooch with each other.

(Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Kissinger wants to give you some lip. The robotic creation from Lovotics works in pairs, so that long-distance lovers can get in some lip locks over the internet.

Kissinger looks like a cross between a cow and a bunny. I know what you're thinking: that sounds super sexy! Well, you have to work with what you can get.

The bot sports some good-sized lips. The idea is that you kiss away on your Kissinger, and the touch-sensitive device sends the movements to another Kissinger far away. That Kissinger moves its own lips in response.

The lips are made from silicone, and the kissing critter makes a sort of buzzing noise when it replicates a smooch. So far, Kissinger is just lips, and no tongue. The robot is in concept form, with no word on wider availability yet.

To summarise, two people each make out with sensitive cow/bunny robots, and, therefore, actually make out with each other. This is the way people will get it on the future when our benevolent robot overlords have taken control of the world.


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