Kim Dotcom launches music-streaming service Baboom

Not content with just file storage, Kim Dotcom has soft-launched his new streaming venture called Baboom.

Not content with just file storage, Kim Dotcom has soft-launched his new streaming venture called Baboom.

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Although Baboom is currently offering a placeholder preview of what the music-streaming service will look like, Dotcom's own artist profile is active. His album Good Times is streaming in full from the site and is also available as a free download in either MP3, FLAC or WAV formats.

"My idea is that artists should make their music available for free, and fans should only pay for it if they really like it," Dotcom said in a video accompanying the site's soft launch.

Dotcom hopes that fans will help propel the release to number one on the charts. The album is also available for purchase on stores such as iTunes and Google Play, and is streaming on Spotify and Rdio. It is also available from Dotcom's file-sharing site Mega.

The single artist page on Baboom is slickly designed, featuring a number of different tabs that let fans explore photos, videos and downloads. On the left-hand side of the web interface is an activity and jukebox option, though neither are functioning just yet. These options suggest similar functionality to other streaming sites like Spotify and Rdio, though we will have to wait for Baboom's full launch in late 2014 to find out for sure. Interested users can sign up for early access on the front page of Baboom.

Dotcom is also running a remix competition where users can download the stems from Good Times and rework them to win US$5000, or create a music video for a track to win US$10,000.

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