Kickstarter of the week: LIFX, the light bulb reinvented

Aussie Phil Bosua has created an LED light bulb that can be controlled from your smartphone by using Wi-Fi.

(Credit: Phil Bosua)

Aussie Phil Bosua has created an LED light bulb that can be controlled from your smartphone by using Wi-Fi.

It actually looks pretty similar to the Bluetooth Bulb that we saw a month ago, but what's home lighting without a little healthy competition?

Bosua, who was also behind the wildly popular Scanbox, calls LIFX the "smartest light bulb you've ever experienced", and is already generating massive amounts of interest, crushing its US$100,000 funding goal. At the time of writing, it was already at over US$630,000.

Like the Bluetooth Bulb, it's an LED light bulb that can be controlled using a smartphone app — but over your Wi-Fi network, rather than using your phone's Bluetooth. It can easily replace your existing bulbs, with bayonet, screw and downlight-type bulbs available. Also, unlike the Bluetooth Bulb, it will be compatible with all iOS and Android devices, with plans to release apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

From the app, you'll be able to turn your lights on or off, adjust brightness, change the colour and even create a light show to go with your music, all with energy-efficient LED: each bulb can last up to 25 years.

They're not a cheap initial investment, though; to get a single LIFX bulb, it'll cost you US$69, and that's the lowest pricing tier. However, that will probably work out to be less than 25 years of replacing incandescent bulbs; it's just down to whether you're happy to pay it upfront.

If it sounds good to you, check it out in the video below, and head over to the LIFX Kickstarter page for more information, and to support the project.

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