Kia conceptualizes hot hatch for Geneva

Ahead of its unveiling at the 2013 Geneva auto show, Kia released photos of a new hatchback concept car.

Kia concept
Kia released this picture of a new concept car ahead of its unveiling at the Geneva auto show. Kia

Following Rolls-Royce's announcement of its new Wraith model for the upcoming International Motor Show in Geneva, Kia offered up relatively clear pictures of, but few details about, a concept car it will put on display.

The body style looks like a three-door hatchback, similar to the European-market Pro Cee'd. In a press release, Kia refers to it as a "provocative and racy new urban concept car." Among concept cars, "Urban" often refers to a compact SUV. However, Kia's new concept, despite some resemblance to Nissan's Juke , appears to sit at hatchback height, one telltale being the low height of the hood above the tops of the front wheels.

Kia points out the modified Tiger Nose grille, the signature design cue on its production cars. The expression of this detail on the concept could point the way to future Kia design. The concept sports a very narrow grille that still accommodates the tabs of the Tiger Nose, and seems to rely on a lower air intake for aspiration. The headlights in the picture suggest LEDs, a common feature on current concept cars.

Kia offered no details on a drivetrain or which future model this concept might represent.

The car will be unveiled during the press preview at Geneva on March 5 and 6. The Geneva auto show will be open to the public from March 7 to 17.

Kia concept
Kia's new concept looks like a three-door hatchback. Kia

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