Images of Samsung's curved smartphone leak

Images purporting to be of the Samsung Galaxy Round have leaked online via @evleaks.

There are two curved smartphones rumoured to be in the works: the LG Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Samsung's Galaxy Round or just Photoshop chicanery? (Credit: @evleaks via Twitter)

While CNET obtained information on and sketches of the LG Flex earlier in October, the often-reliable @evleaks has posted an image said to be that of the Galaxy Round.

The image shows a device very similar to the Galaxy S4, despite the original rumours saying that the Galaxy Round was more likely to be similar to the Galaxy Note 3.

DJ Lee, the head of strategic marketing for Samsung's mobile business, has confirmed the company's plans to launch a curved phone sometime in October, although no official details have been given.

The curved smartphones from LG and Samsung were originally anticipated to have flexible screens, although it now seems that a fixed curved is more likely. The screens will also be plastic OLED rather than glass, adding a degree of durability to the device.

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