HTC's Windows Phone 8X receives first Microsoft update

The "Portico" update includes a number of new features, including Wi-Fi options and rejecting calls with SMS.

HTC Windows Phone 8X
A software update fixes an HTC Windows Phone 8X glitch. Josh Miller/CNET

Microsoft is deploying the first Windows Phone 8 update to select international devices; the first bump will arrive for the HTC Windows Phone 8X .

Dubbed "Portico," the over-the-air Windows Phone 8 update includes a number of new features as well as a fix for a pesky Wi-Fi bug.

As some readers may know, the HTC 8X will switch to a cellular connection upon going to standby. A nuisance for Microsoft's mobile base since the days of Windows Phone 7, the update now gives users the option to keep Wi-Fi going even after the screen times out.

In addition, the software update includes the ability to create SMS draft messages, reject calls with SMS, and a "select all" option for mass deletion.

The HTC 8X gets persistent Wi-Fi thanks to the "Portico" update. WPCentral

First spotted by a WPCentral reader in Italy, the "Portico" update does not appear to be official here in the United States. It is unclear whether U.S. carriers will issue the same update or if it will include VPN support.

Recent rumors suggest that an " Apollo Plus " update will arrive in early 2013 and will feature the Wi-Fi bug fix.


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