HTC confirms slew of Ice Cream Sandwich updates

Smartphone maker HTC delivered a scoop of good news, saying Android 4.0 upgrades will hit 16 of its current handsets soon.


Aching for a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC soul mate? Chances are you won't have long to wait since the manufacturer named a long list of specific phones on which it plans to bestow Android 4.0 goodness.

Of the 16 devices called out by HTC, major U.S. devices with ICS in the works are the Droid Incredible 2 , Amaze 4G, Evo 3D , Evo Design 4G , and Sensation 4G . The Rezound will get a scoop, too, to complement its Beats Audio technology, along with even the unfortunately marketed Rhyme .

Early adapters who grabbed a ThunderBolt early last year should be pleased, as well as owners of the HTC Vivid, both of which can expect Google's latest software. HTC hasn't pinned an exact time yet for when these products will join the ICS party. Neither has it mentioned if they will also sport the freshest version of the HTC Sense skin as the upcoming HTC One is expected to.

OG HTC fans still rolling with venerable Evo 4G phones or people who took the plunge and bought HTC's first tablet, the Flyer, seem to be out of luck. Of course brave souls can always try their hand at rooting their device and nabbing a custom ROM from the XDA Developers forum, just don't blame me if anything goes wrong.

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