HP shutters Upline backup

Online backup service built primarily with technology from Titanize, a company HP acquired.

Hewlett-Packard is killing the online backup service Upline. It's a pity, not because Upline was a great service itself--it had reliability issues--but because Upline was built primarily with technology from Titanize, a company HP acquired. Titanize was a great unknown online storage app , offering not just backup, but Web-based access to files, and computer-to-computer file synchronization. Now both Upline and Titanize are gone.

The online storage space is crowded, so one can't really fault HP for withdrawing from a competitive market where it didn't stand out. For online backup, I recommend Carbonite or Mozy (colleague Tom Merritt swears by JungleDisk). For Web storage and sharing, there's Box.net and Dropbox. For computer-to-computer sync, I like Windows Live Sync.

Upline users have until March 31 to recover any files they want from the system. HP will be giving users a full (not pro-rated) refund of fees paid to the system.

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