How to find Android games with no in-app purchases

Honest Android Games curates games from the Google Play store that won't ask you to spend extra money on in-game items.

Honest Android Games curates games from the Google Play store that won't ask you to spend extra money on in-game items.

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When you look at a mobile game for iOS on iTunes, there's a very handy at-a-glance tool that lets you know whether or not it is supported by in-app purchases: a bar on the left-hand side that shows the most popular purchases.

Google Play, unfortunately, is a little less clear. You can never be sure, when you're looking at a game, if it's completely free, ad-supported, has a free demo but the full game can only be unlocked with a one-off purchase, or if it is filled with sneaky bits of content that can only be unlocked if you spend money in increments.

Honest Android Games offers a solution. It curates games so that you can easily find a game you're willing to download, and eschews anything that incorporated incremental payment models.

It files them into one of three categories: completely free (including ad-supported); freemium (which incorporates a one-off payment to remove ads, or a one-off payment after a free demo to unlock the full game); and paid.

It also sorts them via Google features (full screen mode, gamepad support and Google Play services), type of multiplayer and genre.

The website is fairly new and, as such, has relatively little content, but you can help out by emailing the creator suggestions from a link on the page. Be warned — it has pretty strict criteria. The creator makes it clear that the site is only looking for high quality content.

"For your game to be considered please make sure the game is aesthetically pleasing and controls well on a touchscreen (no ports that were originally designed to be played with controllers)," the site reads. "Games must also support proper full screen scaling (no letterboxing) and HD graphics for tablets."

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