Halo Zero LED messenger bag lights up the night

These brightly illuminated bags making a round on Kickstarter should give cyclists more visibility when biking in the dark.

The Halo Zero Messenger Bag with a yellow Halo Zero light. Halo Zero

If you're a cyclist, you know it's always a good idea to sport enough lights that motorists can see you while you pedal away at night. This is where the Halo Zero LED messenger bag, a Kickstarter project, comes in.

Each handmade bag will be crafted by Rickshaw in San Francisco and is big enough to fit a 15-inch notebook. The bag includes two front pockets as well. Halo Zero's fiber optic LED light attaches to the front of the bag via velcro.

There are four LED light colors to choose from: red, green, blue, and yellow, with the interior liner of the bag matching your chosen color. The lights are powered by two CR2025 batteries and have strobe, flash, and solid modes.

The intended retail price of the Halo Zero LED Messenger Bag is $150, but backing the Kickstarter project will set you back only $128. A DIY kit for only the Halo Zero (to use with your existing bag) is available for $39.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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