GTA V special editions revealed; pre-order now

Rockstar shows off the Collector's Edition and Special Edition of GTA V.

Pre-order extras, exclusive content, multiple editions — buying video games is a tricky business, these days.

The Special Edition. (Credit: Rockstar)

Rockstar at least seem to be keeping its pre-orders relatively simple, with just two bonus-laden editions of Grand Theft Auto V being announced. Both are available for pre-order from 24 May.

The GTA V Special Edition has:

  • Full retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V

  • Collectible SteelBook with exclusive artwork

  • Blueprint map: a 21.5x26.75-inch blueprint view of Los Santos and Blaine County, with locations for fast cash and other points of interest marked

  • Special ability boost: each character's special ability will regenerate 25 per cent faster

  • Stunt plane trials: take on aerial challenges spread throughout Los Santos and Blaine County

  • Bonus outfits, tattoos and more

  • Additional weapons: three free special weapons — the Pistol .50, Bullpup shotgun and melee hammer.

The Collector's Edition. (Credit: Rockstar)

The GTA V Collector's Edition ups the stakes with all of the above, plus:

  • Grand Theft Auto V security deposit bag with logo key: a 10.75x8.5-inch money bag with a pop-up-style lock and laser-cut logo

  • Grand Theft Auto V new era 9Fifty snapback cap

  • Custom characters for Grand Theft Auto online: classic Grand Theft Auto characters to use within the GTA online character creation system

  • Unique vehicles and garage property: a garage to store custom vehicles. In single player, the garage will be stocked with the 1930s-style Hotknife hotrod and the CarbonRS sports bike. In GTA online, players will get the high-end Khamelion electric car.

Price wise, the GTA V Collector's Edition will retail for AU$169.95, with the Special Edition costing AU$119.95. All versions are now available for pre-order until 17 September , "while supplies last".

Finally, any pre-order (including just the basic retail game) between now and 17 September will get you access to the Atomic Blimp as an in-game vehicle.


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