Gritty sci-fi TV show stars a giant panda

An upcoming Aussie-made TV show puts a giant panda in The Book of Eli. Sort of.

(Credit: Epic Films)

An upcoming Aussie-made TV show puts a giant panda in The Book of Eli. Sort of.

Usually when you think of pandas, you think of fuzzy bears being adorable. The incongruity, therefore, of a giant panda surviving in a savage and bloodthirsty post-apocalyptic wasteland made us sit up and pay attention.

Wastelander Panda, made by Adelaide studio Epic Films and written and directed by Victoria Cocks, is just a trailer at this point. It's in production for a full series, scheduled to be released early next year — and we're inclined to watch the heck out of. It follows Arcayus, the last panda in the land (how big the land is remains unspecified at this time). Accompanied by a human girl, Rose, he is on a quest for vengeance.

Details are sparse, sure, but you know that something is worth your attention when it elicits an emotional reaction in less than three minutes.

It does raise a lot of questions. Why a panda? Where are the rest of the pandas? How did it get human intelligence? Why isn't everyone a panda? How does it survive on so little bamboo?

Nevertheless, we're stunned that we've only just heard of it. And gratified that someone at Gearbox Software seems to like it enough to hide Arcayus in Borderlands 2.

Head over to the official website for more info on Wastelander Panda, and watch the trailer below.

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