Global Village modem "Fatal Error" report: Global Village responds

Global Village modem "Fatal Error" report: Global Village responds

Last time, we mentioned that reader Kingsley Kwong got a "Fatal Error" message when trying to update the firmware in his SpeakerPhone modem. Global Village's Mike Pierce offers this reply:

"When a user gets a fatal error while updating the firmware with one of our modems it can be caused by a couple of things, but it really doesn't matter-usually it fries the modem and need to be replaced and it that's the case they should contact us for a warranty replacement. The best bet is to restart and see if the modem still works, if not, contact us."

Meanwhile, Kingsley reports back that Global Village told him that this was a rare event and that they had received few, if any, other similar reports for this modem. In any case, they sent him a replacement.


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