Get a full-size Electrohome CD/MP3 jukebox for $799.99 shipped

That's $200 off the regular price of this '50s-style jukebox, which would look mighty nice in a den or rec room.

Yep, it's a full-size jukebox, complete with fancy lighting effects and support for CDs, FM radio, and MP3 players.
Yep, it's a full-size jukebox, complete with fancy lighting effects and support for CDs, FM radio, and MP3 players. ShopTronics

Pinball machine: check. Vintage Coke machine: check. Now all you need is a jukebox to finish off that awesome man-cave, basement rec room, or retro-themed loft.

Ah, but real old-fashioned jukeboxes limit you to a few dozen songs. I'd be more inclined to buy something that combines classic styling with modern technology.

Like this: for one week, has the Electrohome Kinsman Jukebox for $799.99 shipped when you apply coupon code JUKECNET at checkout. That's $200 off the regular price, and a CNET/Cheapskate exclusive.

The Kinsman looks like something from a '50s diner, but instead of spinning a limited number of 45s (ask your parents, kids), it plays CDs, FM radio, and MP3s from any connected player (iPod, Android phone, tablet, and so on).

This 73-pound piece of furniture stands nearly 4 feet tall. It incorporates four speakers (two 20-watt and two 40-watt) in its real wood veneer cabinet and includes a powered USB port for charging whatever digital device you might want to connect. It has a 3.5mm audio input jack in front and stereo RCA inputs at the rear.

Perhaps coolest of all, the jukebox offers veritable rainbow of remote-controlled lighting effects, as shown here:

Alas, it's not totally modern: no AirPlay, no Bluetooth. Thankfully, you can easily add the latter by way of an inexpensive Bluetooth adapter.

Amazon has just three user reviews of the Kinsman Jukebox. Two customers rated it five stars; the third apparently thought the unit came with an iPad and "displayed squiggly lines like in the picture." In case that's not abundantly clear, it doesn't.

Even at $799.99, this is obviously not an impulse buy. But it's a solid discount on a pretty cool piece of fun and functional furniture. Now to convince the missus that we can't live without one...

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