'Game of Thrones' gets 'Law & Order' mashup

Dun dun! Tywin Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Oberyn Martell, and Bronn join Ice-T in this clever tribute to "Game of Thrones."

Tywin Lannister would make even District Attorney Jack McCoy nervous. Video screengrab by Bonnie Burton/CNET

"Game of Thrones" looks even more dramatic when seen through the "Law & Order" lens thanks to this amusing mashup of the two hit shows in "Law & Order: Game of Thrones."

WARNING: This mashup contains "Game of Thrones" spoilers from this current season, so don't watch it if you're not caught up and want to stay spoiler-free.

Fans will never see the trial at Great Hall in King's Landing the same way again after the "Law & Order" signature "dun dun" sound effect starts the show. Imagine how different the outcome of many "Law & Order" episodes would have been if it ended in "trial by combat."

Alongside everyone's favorite "Game of Thrones" characters like the Lannisters and the Starks, there are cameos from "Law & Order" franchise regulars Detective Tutuola, Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak, Senior Detective Stabler, and Detective Benson. Sadly, there's no cameo from Lennie Briscoe, but we imagine "Law & Order" Executive Producer Dick Wolf would still approve.


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