Foxtel iQ2 pricing exposed, long waits expected

Foxtel has unwittingly unveiled its HD pricing today after inviting customers on its e-mail list to order its iQ2 set-top box, with callers experiencing long delays.

Foxtel has unwittingly unveiled its HD pricing today after inviting customers on its e-mail list to order its iQ2 set-top box , with callers experiencing long delays.

A leaked iQ2 pricing document — available from Foxtel before the sites went down for several hours — suggests Platinum HD will be AU$130.90.

A document leaked onto rumour site KnowFirst suggests that basic HD packages start at AU$75.85 with the included AU$10 iQ2 service charge and culminates in the Platinum service for $130.90.

The two main packages appear to be HD Sport with the two new Sport channels being Fox Sports HD and ESPN HD, and HD Explore with BBC HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo HD. They appear to be priced at AU$9.95 for one or AU$14.95 for both (HD Complete), with HD movies available separately for the cost of AU$6.95 each.

The Platinum HD Service includes the current Platinum plan, plus the HD Complete channels and two movies in a choice of either SD or HD.

Up until 4PM, many internal links to pricing and information appeared to be broken — including — and Foxtel was unable to give an official explanation at time of writing.

Callers to the sales centre are reportedly experiencing long waits of 30 minutes or more as people rush to order the new service.

Foxtel has been unable to give a launch date, but a spokesperson said last week that rumours of a June 2 release were " pulled out of a hat ".

At this stage, customers in the eastern states will also be able to access all of the FTA HD channels via the new iQ2 box.

Foxtel is also offering customers who sign up before August 31 a chance to win a 40-inch Sony X series TV plus the Sony DAVIS10 system according to the email.

Foxtel appears to have fixed its pricing page — you can now visit it here.

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