Force is with 'Star Wars' parkour

Jedi lookalikes perform spectacular tricks in a Utah valley desert that's similar to the Skywalker home world Tatooine.

Some of you may like this video better than the prequels. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Jumping, twirling, spinning about -- these are just a few verbs you could use to describe a Jedi's unbelievable agility. These descriptions also apply to the spirited "Star Wars" parkour performed by Jeremy Carpenter and Sinjin Cooper, who participated in a keen video that will have you feeling the Force in no time.

Filmed in the rocky Tatooine-like region of Goblin Valley, Utah, and coordinated by stunt director Ronnie Shalvis, "Star Wars" parkour is a spectacle with Jedi lookalikes leaping and bouncing around giant rock formations in the desert.

While the video doesn't offer any lightsaber action (aside from a tease at the end) or an epic John Williams score to juice up the action, the acrobatics certainly impress and would probably make Obi-Wan a little jealous.

I can't help but think how much more interesting the video would be if there was a dark force -- such as a Sith lord -- chasing the Jedis seen in the video. However, that may soon come, as the video description notes, "If this video does well, expect a sequel with a parkour chase and epic lightsaber battle!"

With half a million views achieved in just a few days, it's safe to assume that we'll be seeing followup video faster than Han Solo's much-bragged about Kessel Run.

Want to see how they did this? Check out the "Star Wars" parkour behind-the-scenes video.

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