Firemonkeys' Real Racing 3 trailer is iOS insanity

The footage is amazing. Probably too good. But Firemonkeys is set to push iOS racers to the proverbial with Real Racing 3.

Australia's biggest, freshly minted video games studio, Firemonkeys, has just released a trailer for the upcoming Real Racing 3. And it looks as unbelievable as we'd hoped.

Mobile games don't look like they used to. (Credit: Firemonkeys)

Firemint's Real Racing was one of the early "show off what an iPhone/iPad can do" games on the App Store. Now, the merged studio has launched a spanking fresh trailer to show the next Real Racing is aiming to keep pushing those limits. But the best news goes beyond the graphics.

First, enjoy:

I'm most excited by the inclusion of Laguna Seca. Even before I read real world tracks were joining the series, that sharply dropping S-bend, known as the Corkscrew, appearing in the trailer sent the message loud and clear. Real tracks bring a great thrill to any race game, and will also bring some interesting opportunities to directly compare the "feel" of a game like Real Racing 3, against console racers on the same tracks.

Other "real" elements joining the game include cars from Porsche, Dodge and Audi, as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Silverstone.

We'll also get to see 22 cars on the track, which should make for some rough and ready first-corner conflicts.

I like my race games, and still spend far more time on console racers than on iOS ones. But every new effort to elevate the art form on mobile platforms is a good thing in my book. And there's no one I'd rather see nail it more than Firemonkeys.

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