Final Fantasy VII out now on Steam for $12, PC only

The legendary RPG has arrived on Valve's online game network, but there's no Mac version in sight.


PlayStation classic Final Fantasy VII has leveled up onto Steam, giving fans the chance to rattle through the much-loved RPG on their computers.

The title arrives on Valve's gaming service with "brand new online features," which amounts to 36 unlockable achievements, cloud saves (to save Cloud, natch) and a "character booster" mode, which restores all your character's HP, MP and Gil to maximum -- likely designed to make the game easier for first-time players.

Steam boasts that the game has been optimized for PC and is "updated to support the latest hardware and Windows Operating Systems", though the bad news is that there's no Mac support, leaving owners of Apple's shiny computers out in the cold for now.

Acquiring the game will set you back $11.99, or 9.99 pounds, if you're in the UK. Although the game is very long and has won plenty of accolades, to me that price still feels a little steep for a game that's 17 years old.

Do you think it's too pricey, or worth the cash? Let me know in the comments, and enjoy a dose of gaming nostalgia with our History of the PlayStation video below.

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