Don't lose what you've found: WebMynd

WebMynd is a Firefox extension that creates a private visual record of where you've been online, merging its search results into Google searches. Pros: free, easy to use, useful. Cons: small performance hit, only 1 month history, potential privacy issues.

WebMynd (download) is a Firefox extension its developers hope solves a common Web problem: finding again that which what you've already found. WebMynd adds two very useful functions to your browsing: site-by-site recording of where you've been, and integrating your history (plus Delicious bookmarks) into specific Google searches.

Webmynd finds what you've found.

The site-by-site recording creates a timeline view of your browsing and a photo browser-like display. Want the site you found Friday after lunch? Rewind using the Reel view. Looking for the site with the purple logo thing? The Grid view is good for your visual memory. Since you might not want a record of every site you visit, WebMynd lets you add sites to a permanent "do not record" list and zap specific site records.

There's a small performance hit using WebMynd--on the order of 100-200 milliseconds for complex site. WebMynd keeps your last 30 days worth of history.

While WebMynd's visual recorder is nice, I like even more the way it merges a relevant list of sites you've visited into each search you do in Google. You can also use WebMynd to view Delicious bookmarks.

Webmynd merging Delicious into Google results.

In September, WebMynd will add Yahoo BOSS search results, a cleaner merge into your Google search results and other improvements, say its developers.

WebMynd is free. It will make money from premium services, not ads. Co-founder James Brady said that while there are plans to offer a subscription plan for users who want WebMynd to remember their Web history for longer than one month but privacy demands mean no ads: "There are no line items, and we have no plans, to mine the data in any way not directly related to improving the user experience."

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