Design your own doll and have it 3D-printed

Makies Doll Factory has seen over 70,000 dolls designed in the first week of the iPad app's release.

(Credit: MakieLab)

Makies Doll Factory has seen over 70,000 dolls designed in the first week of the iPad app's release.

If there's one thing the ball-jointed doll community has indicated, it's that even grown-ups like the idea of a design-your-own doll.

MakieLab is a UK-based company that allows people to design their own doll — including hair, face and clothing — and then have it 3D printed and shipped to you. And although the company has been around for a while now with a browser app, it has only just released its services on the iPad in the form of Makies Doll Factory (free), bringing together doll design, toy shopping and 3D printing into mobile gaming.

It seems to be doing pretty well at it, too — over 70,000 ball-jointed dolls have been designed in the first week since the app's launch (although how many of those designs have been ordered is unknown). To put that in perspective, the 10,000th Makie designed on the website arrived on 7 March this year.

Ordering a doll has a starting price of around ₤59 (around AU$85), plus shipping — not a bad price at all, considering the high-quality plastics that MakieLab uses in its manufacturing and that each doll is custom-made overnight. And to further fancy up your doll, you can purchase accessories.

At the moment, Makie dolls are aimed at 14+ buyers, as global safety testing is still ongoing, but anyone can play with the iPad doll creator. You can play with the web app here or download it for iPad here.


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