Move over, Siri: Microsoft's Cortana is cheeky too

Cortana isn't all dry facts and figures. Ask this voice assistant the right questions, and wait for the sass-back to begin.

James Martin/CNET

When Microsoft introduced the world to its Cortana voice assistant for the Windows Phone OS, the company made one thing clear: this was no boring robot.

Like Siri, Cortana is human-like, with a witty demeanor and a healthy sense of humor. She'll tell you jokes, sing you songs, and wax poetic about Bill Gates, who's technically her daddy -- Cortana's words, not mine. You can ask many offbeat and funny questions and get equally quippy answers. She'll even respond to statements such as "I love you" and "You suck," in sometimes unexpected ways.

I sat down to ask Cortana a barrage of funny and silly questions and commands. Although she doesn't carry a conversation as well as Siri, she more than dished it back.

Check out the gallery below for the highlights.


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