CNET's global iPad network speed test

Is the US 4G iPad really faster than the same iPad on different networks around the world? We answer the video with the help of our colleagues in the US, UK and Singapore.


Spread Vegemite on a Weetbix, crack open a VB and proudly wrap the Australian flag around your shoulders like a cape before watching this video.

The CNET teams from around the globe have pooled their resources to bring you an exclusive intercontinental iPad speed test. In the video above, we collect data from San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sydney to see whose iPad data speeds reign supreme.

This, of course, was never going to be a truly fair fight, with the US being the only of the four regions involved to have a network that supports the 4G radios in Apple's new iPad. This didn't stop Telstra's Next G network from turning in a very solid performance in comparison. Also, keep an eye on the the Ping result in each of the tests. This is a really telling measurement of real-world network speed which is often overlooked in speed comparisons.

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