Bisected oven does double duty

The Samsung FE710DRS Flex Oven uses a special divider to bisect the oven cavity. Each cooking compartment comes complete with its own convection fan.

The Samsung FE710DRS Flex Oven hides a secret.
The Samsung FE710DRS Flex Oven hides a secret. Samsung

What would MacGyver do if he needed to bake a cake and slow-cook a roast at the same time? Well, one thing for sure is that it would involve some rubber bands and duct tape. Other than that, he would probably look to dividing up the oven cavity with some sort of makeshift contraption, allowing one half to heat at one temperature and the other half at another. The rubber bands and duct tape would come in when he realized that each cavity should have its own convection fan. Or, he could just use the Samsung FE710DRS Flex Oven, as rubber bands and duct tape aren't very delicious.

Employing a very down-to-earth solution for a common need, Samsung has taken the modern oven and cut it in two. Thankfully avoiding a Rube Goldberg-esque design, the solution is as elegant as it is practical. A special divider, which stores in a warming drawer underneath the oven when not in use, allows for bisecting the cooking compartment, with each side getting its own convection fan. When it is slid into place, the upper oven has a capacity of 2.6 cubic feet, while the bottom compartment is 3.1 cubic feet. Each compartment features independent controls.

When used a standard oven, the 30-inch electric range features a 5.9-cubic-foot capacity and a smooth five burner ceramic cooktop. Additional features include the previously mentioned warming drawer (1.4-cubic-foot capacity), a wide digital LED display, delay start, auto-shut-off mode, and a quick 20-minute steam cleaning function--leaving MacGyver little to do but sit back and wait for dinner.

The Samsung FE710DRS Flex Oven will be available in March.

A removable divider in the the oven lets you cook food at two different temperatures.
A removable divider in the the oven lets you cook food at two different temperatures. Samsung
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