<b>Half minute startup delay in Mac OS 7.6.1: Apple responds

Half minute startup delay in Mac OS 7.6.1: Apple responds

Apple has now given an official reply to yet another matter: the approximately 30 second startup delay that many users report after updating to Mac OS 7.6.1 (as covered here at MacFixIt). Taken from Apple's Performa Discussion Board:

"Apple's engineers are investigating these reports to determine the cause. When we get more information we will make available.

Please keep in mind that many things can cause delays in starting up. These include being on a LocalTalk/EtherTalk network, having large amounts of RAM, having many external devices or a large number of extensions. It is perfectly normal for these types of things to cause a longer startup time.

Not having the hard disk selected in the Startup Disk control panel may also increase the startup time. If the hard disk setting in the Startup Disk control panel is not staying set on subsequent restarts, reset your Parameter RAM (PRAM). This should clear the setting. Then select your hard disk in the Startup Disk control panel and see if the problem continues."

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