<b>Epson Stylus Color 800: network printing problems

Epson Stylus Color 800: network printing problems

PPP Menu startup crash reported a. GearBox beta Rockstar writes: GearBox switches your Internet settings, swaps bookmark and mailbox files, and opens and monitors connections...quickly and reliably.

b. PPP Menu 2.0.3 A Rockstar web page lists a new update to this utility. It works with both FreePPP and OT/PPP. It has a host of new launcher features and fixes bugs. (The same web page also has links to FreePPP Menu and FreePPP Control Strip).

However, I am already getting reports of a serious problem with PPP Menu 2.0.3. Jim Stoneburner, Steve Stitle and David Kornhauser all found that it causes a startup crash as soon as the Finder loads.

Update: Richard Reynolds of Rockstar writes that there was indeed a startup bug in the FC (final candidate) 2.0.3 version. This version was mistakenly pointed to on the web page. This is now fixed: any download after 3:00PM PST on Saturday has the actual working GM (golden master) 2.0.3 version.

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