Apple Store app now offers EasyPay to Australians

The Apple Store app has added a quick scan and pay feature for Australian shoppers, to get what they want in a hurry.

The Apple Store app has been updated in Australia, adding quick scan and pay functions for Apple Store shoppers.

Apple Store app, now with EasyPay. (Credit: Screenshot)

The EasyPay features have been available in the US for some time. It allows shoppers to scan and pay for accessories directly from their own iPhone, with payments processed via Apple ID details. Shoppers can also check reviews and ratings of scanned products.

Once a product has been scanned and paid for, shoppers just need to show the EasyPay receipt on the way out the door and that's it, you're done. If you really want, you can ask any blue shirt to get you a bag.

If you've ever encountered the peak period queues in many Apple Stores around lunchtime or on weekends, you'll know how EasyPay could become a serious timesaver.

Other features of the Apple Store app include making Genius Bar appointments or signing up for workshops.

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