Apple plans NY event this month, report says

Media-related event not expected to include iPad 3 or much-rumored Apple TV set, sources tell AllThingsD.

Apple is reportedly planning to hold a press event this month, but don't hold your breath that it's to unveil the iPad 3 or rumored Apple TV set.

The tech giant is expected to hold an important media-related event later this month in New York, sources described as "close to the situation" tell AllThingsD.

However, the sources caution that the event is not large-scale and is not related to the iPad 3, the next generation of Apple's popular tablet that is widely expected to be released some time this year. DigiTimes reported late last month that Apple was getting ready to release two new iPad models at the end of January at the Macworld|iWorld conference--a report that has since been widely dismissed.

It also unlikely to involve the interactive television set Apple is reportedly working on. An event of that magnitude, as AllThingsD notes, would most certainly be held in California, either in Hollywood or Silicon Valley.

Apple representatives did not respond to a request for comment.

Eddy Cue, who was recently promoted to senior vice president for Internet software and services, is expected to be involved in the event. The 22-year Apple veteran was instrumental in the creation of the iTunes Music store in 2003 and App Store in 2008.

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