Apple amps up recycling, will take back all its products

The company won't charge to recycle the old Apple devices and will offer gift cards on products that can be resold.

A look at solar panels powering Apple's data centers. Apple

Those looking to get rid of old and outdated Apple products can now head into one of the technology giant's stores and do just that.

Apple announced on Monday that it will now take any of its products, regardless of age or repairability, and recycle them on behalf of its customers. Those who give Apple products that are in working condition and can be resold will receive a gift card. Outdated or broken Apple products will be recycled at no charge to the customer, but gift cards won't be handed out.

The program, which coincides with Tuesday's Earth Day celebration, is available at any Apple store and aims at reducing the amount of toxins and chemicals found in electronics that later enter the environment. Apple told the Associated Press on Monday that it will responsibly recycle the products to ensure they don't have a negative impact on the planet.

Apple, Google, and Facebook, to name a few, are making a strong push for more environmental friendliness. Apple has launched an updated environmental impact page, complete with a video of Apple CEO Tim Cook promising that the company will leave the planet a better place.

Apple has won high marks from several prominent environmental groups, including Greenpeace, which has called the company the "most innovative and most aggressive" at identifying new environment-friendly initiatives.

In addition to expanding its recycling program, Apple's vice president of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, told the AP that currently over 100 of Apple's 420 US stores are running entirely on renewable energy. The company has plans to convert the rest of its stores to run on renewable energy at some point in the future.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the initiatives. We will update this story when we have more information.

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