Anonymous goes after Ukraine Government

In the wake of the Ukraine's seizure of Demonoid's servers, Anonymous has launched a revenge campaign.

In the wake of the Ukraine's seizure of Demonoid's servers, Anonymous has launched a revenge campaign.

(Credit: Anonymous)

Things have been going from bad to worse for Demonoid. First, there was the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Then the Ukraine Government seized the servers, and now, according to TorrentFreak, Demonoid's operators are under investigation in Mexico.

In retaliation, Anonymous has launched a campaign against the Ukraine Government, with DDoS attacks against the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights and the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association.

In the video below, Anonymous calls the government seizure a "deliberate and malicious attack against internet freedom".

This is unacceptable. We cannot stay silent while this ruthless attack has occurred on our freedom of speech. Internet has always been free and should stay free forever. We hold these rights of freedom to be self-evident, despite Demonoid blocking all Ukrainian IP addresses to avoid upsetting local law. The site still attracted the attention of the authorities ... we will not let this go unpunished. We will seek revenge against all criminals responsible, and their punishments will be severe. We can no longer sit around and watch this censorship happen right in front of us.

Ukrainian Government, you have committed a crime against humanity and freedom. We will not tolerate this. We will take direct actions against you and your criminal friends until you realise the crimes you have committed and restore our beloved Demonoid. The history of Ukraine, former Soviet Union, has always been corrupted and filled with fallacies. What brings you to the United States? Why is this a gift? We weren't aware we were exchanging gifts. You can already expect your "gifts" from us.

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