Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links

Longtime users express frustration with dramatic changes made to the social-news site, attempting to carpet-bomb the front page with links to a rival site.

Digg users on Twitter are using the hashtag '#diggrevolt' to promote their 'cause.' Twitter user ceejayoz
Digg's 'Top News' page on Monday morning was dominated by links to rival news site Reddit. Digg

Apparently dissatisfied with a redesign that buries much of their influence, hard-core users of social-news site Digg have been gaming its "Top News" page so that it's dominated by links to rival site Reddit.

The "Digg Version 4" relaunch, following an alpha test, was rolled out to the general public last week.

In order to maintain relevance in a world where users' individual "social graphs" on Twitter and Facebook bear a significant weight on news consumption, the new Digg promises a custom experience for individual users rather than the "old" Digg and its domination by a powerful clique of avid users. While this model had created a staunchly loyal army of Diggers, it was preventing the site from gaining the mainstream appeal that it needed to fuel growth.

The significantly smaller Reddit, which was , has been making headlines of its own lately for reinstating advertisements for pro-marijuana advocacy groups against its parent company's wishes.

We're looking into this and will report more when reliable information is available.

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