Amazing footage from the Nokia 808 PureView

Some new footage taken with Nokia's 41-megapixel camera phone shows just how much quality can be squeezed out of a smartphone.

Many photographers and mobile phone users may have been sceptical when the 808 PureView was announced in February with its high-resolution sensor.

This one's for the sceptics: take a look at some of the sample footage posted by All About Symbian, as it may change your mind. The site has posted a video taken with the phone at a Foo Fighters tribute band concert, showcasing just how detailed and crisp the video output can be.

Shooting at a rock concert is definitely a challenging proposition for any photographer, as there's constantly a shift in lighting — not to mention the difficulty in keeping up with enthusiastic band members.

Turn the quality up to 1080p to see some of the results. Also, pay attention to the audio, which would normally distort at such close range when recording with many other devices. Don't get too excited, though, as Nokia has already confirmed that the 808 PureView won't be making it to Australia .

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