A Sony design for Apple laptops?

If this report posted by Engadget is correct, Apple Computer may be looking for a little PC know-how by courting Sony VAIO engineers as it looks to develop its first Intel-based PowerBook.

Apple laptop

Being able to create faster laptops was a part of the impetus for Apple's move to Intel chips. The company has not been able to cram a G5 processor into its laptop line.

An Apple representative declined to comment on the report, but it would seem to make sense if history is any guide. Apple turned to Sony for help once before, albeit a long time ago: Sony manufactured one of Apple's first laptops, the Powerbook 100, when the Mac maker was new to the whole laptop game.

In the intervening years, the two companies have been partners as well as rivals, often expressing their mutual admiration while battling for each other's customers in key markets. Sony, in fact, admired Apple's technology so much that it even followed the iPod's with its PSP game player.

Blog community response:

"I really hope this is true, because the only thing keeping me from buying one of those ultra-small VAIO T-series laptops is that it runs on Windows. If Apple were to make a PowerBook of similar size, it would essentially be the miniBook that I'm dying for."

"I've been holding out on G5 powerbook, and since the Intel switch I decided to wait it out, but I don't want an ugly powerbook. I might just have to get me one now in case the next generation powerbook becomes a Shrek."
--Life Spotting

"Who do you turn to for help with designing thin and elite notebook computers? Apparently, Apple seems to have conceded that business to Sony."
--ctrl alt(ered) mind

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