A bag to thwart passport data thieves

A special bag can help protect your visa's RFID signals

Air travel is starting to rank right up there with periodontal appointments and trips to the DMV. First it was the shoes, then the liquids--now, we have to worry about RFID spies stealing our passport data too.

That's where Paraben comes in. The forensics company has developed something called the Passport StrongHold, which is designed to shield your visa information from unauthorized eyes. The product is disarmingly simple: It's basically a nylon bag made with nickel, copper and silver that envelopes a passport to keep RFID signals from going awry.

TG Daily tested the bag recently and found that it appears to work, but it raised a question that occurred to us as well: Could it be used for some unintended consequences, such as helping shoplifters smuggle goods through store detectors? As the saying goes, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

(Photo: Paraben)

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