4G Galaxy S III coming Virgin, Optus, Telstra

Samsung's popular Galaxy S III will be 4G in Australia soon, coming to Telstra, Optus and Virgin Mobile.

Samsung's hugely popular Galaxy S III will hit Aussie shores with 4G radios soon, joining Telstra's growing LTE range and becoming the first 4G phone for both Optus and its subsidiary, Virgin Mobile.

The Galaxy S III in Titanium Grey. (Credit: Samsung)

None of the telcos have offered a firm release date for the handset yet, but Optus has given pricing, with the 4G Galaxy S III to be available for AU$7 per month on a $60 Optus Plan, or free on an $80 Plan. Virgin pricing is nearly identical, with AU$7 a month on a $59 Fair Go Bro plan. Telstra plans to release plan details closer to its launch.

To mark the change in radios, Samsung has new colours for the Galaxy S III. Telstra will have the handset in Onyx Back and Titanium Grey, while Optus and Virgin have opted for just the grey option. Under the hood, the new 4G Galaxy S III maintains the same power as the original release, with Samsung's new quad-core Exynos processor a stand-out feature.

The handset is a historic release for Optus and Virgin, marking the consumer release of the telco's newly built 1800MHz 4G network. Sites in Sydney, Newcastle and Perth are already live, with Melbourne's 4G to become active on 15 September.

Sales for the Galaxy S III have already reached impressive milestones, with Samsung this week claiming to have sold over 20 million units in the first 100 days, since the product's launch.

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