New Windows phones: They'll have to do for now

A pair of newly unveiled Lumia phones are Microsoft's flagship mobile devices, but they're not the marquee products Windows fans have been waiting for.

With 'Contest of Champions,' Marvel turns the digital into the physical

Worlds collide! Marvel's effort to craft comic books from video games hits store shelves on Wednesday.

Twitter's Moments spotlights events as they unfold

The feature will show users "what's happening in an instant," regardless of the accounts they follow. Moments may be the most important update in Twitter's history.

More top stories8 October 2015

TPG to provide 5G-capable 'dark fibre' cable for Vodafone in $1 billion deal
On Wednesday, the two telecommunications companies announced a deal that will see TPG migrate its customers to Vodafone, who it will provide 5G-capable optic fibre infrastructure for through 2015.
by Daniel Van Boom
​Turnbull's 'ministry for the future' increases focus on science, innovation
As a new Government front bench is sworn in, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has adopted the language of start-ups to talk about their focus on innovation, agility and technology.
by Claire Reilly

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