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Apple's iPhone 6S: The peak of smartphone boredom?

With few physical changes expected with the next iPhone, it's become emblematic of a problem with the broader smartphone industry: It's just not that exciting anymore.

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Bringing the past into high-resolution view

CNET delves into the tech revolution helping historians in Israel reveal more about the past.


Motorola: Smartwatch customization will rule

Motorola's head of design says he isn't concerned about the Apple Watch because the highly customizable Moto 360 is a "better product."

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Official: Australia set to charge GST on all online purchases from 2017
Netflix, Amazon, Steam and Google Play are all on notice as state and federal treasurers agree to apply GST to all goods and services sold online into Australia.
by Nic Healey
Zero flix to give: EzyFlix closure shows perils of digital 'ownership'
Australians are turning towards digital content in droves, but the surprise shut down of EzyFlix has come as a timely reminder that a digital library is not worth much when the platform collapses.
by Claire Reilly

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