Tip of the Day: do more with Apple TV

Want to increase the flexibility of your Apple TV? aTV Flash lets you watch more video files than just those bought from the iTunes Store.

Want to increase the flexibility of your Apple TV?

The little black Apple TV is a very clever device. The tiny box lets you watch movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store, lets you display your photo libraries as fabulous slideshows while listening to your favourite music and, well, not all that much else because some of its best features are locked to the US. But for an AU$129 device you can get a lot more power by installing a special piece of software to make it a great media streamer.

aTV Flash is available from FireCore.com. For US$39.95 you can now use your Apple TV to watch many more video files like the standard videos your digital camera might shoot. You can now also store all your own movies and photos anywhere you like, not just in iTunes, and your Apple TV will play them back. Plus you can organise custom playlists so the kids can easily watch all their favourites without any fuss.

Even features like a weather forecast have been added in. So slick and simple, we just wish Apple had made it this way out of the box.

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