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Has standard bookmarking become a giant haystack? You might want to check out a service like Instapaper.


Has standard bookmarking become a giant haystack? You might want to check out Instapaper.

Bookmarking is a lovely part of using the web. Actually, if you're anything like me you've probably almost given up on bookmarks. Apart from a few key marks, after years of web surfing your bookmarks folder can become as messy as that third drawer in the kitchen that you refuse to open anymore.

If you've kind of given up on bookmarks, but you want to tag interesting stories for later reference now and then, maybe you need to sign up for Instapaper.

Instapaper is a free service that lets you save stories you'd like to read for later reference. It even lets you read these stories in more comfortable black text on white background, while still giving you access to the story as it was originally offered. You can use Instapaper on the desktop or through an app, and many other apps support using Instapaper as a place to send links you'd like to come back to. A great service and free makes it perfectly priced.

If you're keen to explore some options, also take a look at similar services from Read it Later or Readability.

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