Open links and search text faster in Firefox with Super Drag

This Firefox extension lets you drag and drop links, text, and images to open them in a new tab.

There are keyboard shortcut people, and there are mouse and touch-pad people. If the latter describes you and you use Firefox to browse the Web, the Super Drag extension might be of interest. It lets you drag and drop links, text, and images you encounter online to open them in a new tab.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Super Drag installs and does not require you to restart Firefox. With the extension enabled, it lets you drag a link, text, or an image and opens a small menu panel where you can choose how to open whatever it is you are dragging. For a link, it lets you open the link in a foreground tab, a background tab, or your current tab. For text, it lets you search one of three search engines -- Google, Yahoo, or Bing -- or search using Amazon, eBay, Twitter, or Wikipedia. For an image, you can open it in a foreground or a background tab or save it locally.

In Super Drag's settings, you can set default behaviors that let you bypass the extension's menu panel so you can just drag and drop a link, text, or an image to open it quickly in a new tab. That is, you can just drag an item and release your mouse button to open it in a new tab. By default, these items open in a background tab by default.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Also in settings, you can choose how many pixels your cursor must travel when dragging an item before the menu panel appears. And you can have the panel open right next to your cursor or in the upper-right corner of Firefox. Lastly, you can set where new tabs open -- either to the right of the current tab or to the right of all open tabs.

(Via AddictiveTips)

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