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What happens when a $35,000 Tesla arrives?


'Futurama' returns...for one 'Simpsons' episode

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Top phones for a new school year

These student-friendly choices run the gamut from cheap and cheerful to flashy and top-of-the-line.


Samsung prices its massive 105-inch ultrawide curved 4K TV with a colossal price

​Samsung has announced that its ginormous 105-inch UN105S9W television is now available for preorder for $120,000.


The first router on the market that can hit 1.73Gbps

802.11ac standards officially hits a new speed with the Asus RT-AC87 Dual-band Wireless-AC2400 Gigabit Router Wi-Fi router.


Sunrise: One of the best calendar apps in any app store

Sunrise looks great and plays nice with multiple platforms as one of the best calendar apps available.

4 stars Excellent

Google Now tops Siri at accuracy, says analyst

Both voice assistants have improved since last year, says analyst Gene Munster. But in a new contest, Google Now scores slightly higher than its rival from Apple.


Get started with Facebook's newest feature, Save

Save is dedicated to storing your favorite links found in your News Feed.


The best Windows Phone you can buy right now

With its crisp, bold screen, great camera and burly processor, the Lumia 930 is the best phone on which to enjoy the new Windows Phone 8.1.

3.5 stars Very good

Make your ears jump for joy with this ultimate portable music player

The HiFiMan HM-901 is a game changer: it's easily the best-sounding portable music player on the planet.


Canon's Rebel T5 is outclassed by Canon's older offerings

You can find better deals than this umpteenth repackaging of years-old technology.


Apple posts solid Q3 profit, but iPhone sales don't wow

Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the period -- good, but slightly below expectations. Sales of the iPad, however, continue to slump.


2016 Mazda2 unveiled: More tech, more aggressive, much more efficient

Mazda announces Japanese production of the vehicle that will eventually become the fuel-efficient 2016 Mazda2.


Keeping tabs on upcoming tablets

A (continually) updated list with details about tablets on the horizon.


Yale to offer new keyless smart locks

Newer, smaller models are said to be available as soon as this month.


Tesla Model S: Still the best car in the world?

Cooley revisits the Tesla Model S now that it's a bona fide mass production hit, explores the top 5 brawny four-cylinder engines and shows how technology can only partly neutralize those damaging potholes.


Use Airplane mode to charge your device faster

Is it a fact or fiction that enabling Airplane mode on your device will result in a faster charge? CNET's Dan Graziano seeks out the truth about charging your smartphone or tablet.


This free app wants to be your DIY security destination

Have an extra iOS device kicking around at home? The free Manything app can transform it into a security camera in seconds.

3.5 stars Very good
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